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Proposal of Global-Self-Essay Contribution to This Update

By Leona Hibiki, Psychologist, Author, Critic, Stress-Clinic 110 Well-being Centre
My Stress-clinic 110 aims to understand the patients' or person' whole personality from the point of a bio-psycho-socio-ethical -ecological view induced from the improvement of their Quality of Life. The clinic catches various SOS indications from the persons who are suffering from psycho-social stress or how to live without distinction of age or sex. For example, take case of a humanistic graduate student who majors in international politics. He asked me as follows, "We can solve our personal stress by psychotherapies or self-control somehow, but we have no means of solving for our stress of mankind which is caused by the fear of nuclear tests or wars between the races. How do you think about this from the viewpoint of your theory?" In actual fact, I frequently visit the UNU for the purpose of grouping for the answer to this point.
Then I propose the concept of "Global-Self", which I showed on the poster presentation of the section of psychosomatic medical education at the general meeting of Japanese society of psychosomatic medicine in 1992. It means a sound self who is affectionate to the earth. I suspect that we, mankind, can find out a sound self in a life serving the universe and all things with an unconditional affection. In the hi-technological civilization of today, we are apt to forget "The law of mutual aid" , we are supported by others and our nation is supported by mutual relationship with other nations. And it's the "Global-Self" that is based on the law.
If we feel the crisis of an affection based on mankind's existence, each nation shall have a viewpoint of "Global-Self" from these aspects of global well-being, the maintenance of peace and the continuance of mankind. Because it's indispensable for our awakening of the whole person to life as a natural law in order to help the crisis of today or tomorrow. It's not easy to solve our stress of mankind, even if the United Nations tries its prescription for various problems all over the world. If every nation never shifts its politics to that of co-existence, cooperation and philanthropy based on "Global-Self", we cannot keep permanent peace.